Can Socks Keep Love Alive?


I was in the kitchen this morning preparing my coffee and a commercial came on that has the most wonderful, uplifting music. So I just spontaneously started doing a little dance, but without lifting my feet. I had my socks on, as I usually do, so I could move about in a slippy, slidy way. I’ll have to admit, I was feeling pretty darned cute.

Since the job that the universe has assigned me is to “inspire people to do the work required to be happy,” I decided to say something on my Facebook update. It ended up being a happy-fest as many of my ‘friends’ added comments. I’d like to share our stream of thought with you in hopes that it will inspire you to do a little dancing in your socks.

My original post: Kara Oh wears socks in the house because it allows her to dance in the kitchen with a slippy, slidey, sexy creativity. Try it, you’ll like it.

And the comments that followed:

1.K: i do – when my kids aren’t watching
2.S: I love that!!!! It is awesome to dance, slip, slide and create a little time to play in your authentic self.
3.A: Oh Kara…I just danced my tush off with Jason Mraz….socks on and all…
4.Me: Oh, K., invite your kids to join you. They’ll love you for it and they won’t turn into uptight potato heads that are frustrated because they forgot how to play. I teach flirting but not just romantic flirting. Flirt with kids, old people, the dog, because it keeps us young and vital.
5.V: I TRIED THAT TOO!!! I can be a bit clumsy and went slip, sliding off to split open my lower lip..instant, plump lips for sure – haha, not sure how sexy though???
6.R: I actually do that as well!! with blasted music…LOL!
7.J: We must be kindred spirits!
8.K: sounds like fun. i still love walking in the rain. the kids & i go out and splash around in it from time to time
9.B: Risky Business
10.Me: I just love how you all have shared. Socks in the kitchen” is all about expressing our happiness through our body. And yahoo for our bodies ability to enjoy so many avenues of happiness…
11.R: tell ya what!… I’ll video tape myself doing the kitchen dance if you do it with me!!!LOL!
12.C: I thought everyone danced in their socks in their kitchen
13.R: preferably after it’s mopped! LOL
Well, as you can tell, we all got into the spirit of play. If you are married, in a relationship, dating or just thinking about dating, remember this: Do you know even one old couple who have been together forever but still in love who aren’t playful with each other?

The moment you quit being playful with each other, which is what flirting is all about, you might as well get the timer out to see how quickly the fires of love die out. Because they will.