Why Did You Have To Say THAT?!?


Have you ever wondered how 'those' words came out of your mouth? Here's a peek beneath the surface.

If you've ever wondered why you did or said something, especially if it ended up turning into an argument, or hurting someone's feelings, you're not alone. We all do things that make us feel like there's someone else living in our bodies along with us.

What's going on is what I call your Program. Your Program was developed by you when you were a small child. You made up limiting beliefs about yourself. You made decisions about what you needed to do in order to stay safe and get your needs met. And what you told yourself was that there was something wrong with you.

Maybe you told yourself you aren't smart enough, you aren't pretty, you aren't lovable. I told myself that "I'm a bother." No matter what it is, it's not true. When you were born, you were nothing but light and love. That beautiful heart of yours, filled with so much love to give and a hunger to be loved, is still there, just waiting to be revealed.

Right now, it's simply hidden beneath your Program.

The problem is, until you dismantle your Program and replace those limiting beliefs with new empowering beliefs, you will reacrt and respond through the filter of that scared child's perspective and beliefs about the world.

The Course In Miracles says that we're either in a state of fear, or love. You can't hold both at the same time. The fear is that you're not enough...

As a child, it was fear that caused you to emplement your Program. Each of those attempts to stay safe and get your needs met became habitual ways of reacting and responding to life.

So now, when you say or do something and wonder where it came from, you can know that it is generally a scared child, who didn't have an adults perspective. She did the best she knew how with her limited view of her world.

What needs to happen now, if you want to be the one in charge of your life, is you need to remove your Probram by replacing it with what's true about you. That you are lovaable, you are beautiful, you are enough...

And remember this, your romantic partner is reacting and responding to you and the world through their Program. It's amazing people do as well as they do.

But now, you can do something to literally transform your life so you are, indeed, living in light and love.

It is a glorious adventure of the soul and none so fascinating as discovering who you really are.

As you do that, you will slowly transform from a small scared little girl, into a self-loving, empowered woman who is deeply connected to her authentic self.

Helping you make magic, everywhere you go,

Kara Oh

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