What To Do With Energy Vampires


When you 'HAVE' to spend time with someone you know upsets you, this is a good way to deal with them

There are times when you have no choice, you have to spend time with what I call, an Energy Vampire.

Maybe it's your mother or father, or someone at work, or your best friend's friend. Ugh!

When you have to spend time with someone who is toxic, an effective way to endure is to imagine a bubble of love around you--kind of like Maxwell Smart's 'Cone Of Silence'--unable to be pierced, protecting your energy from the Energy Vampire.

I call them Energy Vampires because, when you 'LET' them trigger you, or pull you down to their level, your energy has been sucked, pure and simple. Don't give them that power. Take charge of your life. If you don't, others will.

Any time you allow someone to trigger you (that means push your buttons) you have handed over your power to them and they have literally sucked your energy from you.

When you need to put a 'bubble of love' around you, here's what you do:

  1. If there's time, and you know you're going to have to be around someone who is always upsetting or unpleasant to be around, sit quietly, get comfortable, close your eyes, and as you take a few deep breaths, let your body relax. Notice anywhere in your body that is tense. Imagine breathing into that area and feel it relax.
  2. Now, as you are sitting there relaxed, imagine a bubble growing around you. It feels good, safe, and protective.
  3. When the bubble if complete, feel the love in your heart. See that love as light. Then let that light fill the bubble. The light will not interfere with our vision, you will only feel it.
  4. Sit with that feeling of inner peace and calm, all that love, and get used to it. Let it fill you up.
  5. Next, bring yourself back to full alertness, but keep that feeling with you.
  6. When you are in the presence of that person, and you begin to get triggered, just close your eyes for a moment, see that bubble of love, and bring yourself back to that feeling of peacefulness. You might have to do this several times but know that with practice, it will eventually become a habit, and a very useful life tool.

You can download an audio recording of a Relaxation Meditation where I guide you into a lovely state of inner peace. Download it here.

Another thing to remember about unpleasant people is that the more unpleasant they are, they more unhappy they are, and the more they are aching for love. So allow your heart to feel a bit of compassion, but do protect your own energy from them.

I avoid these kind of people, even though my heart goes out to them, because I value my own energy too much.

Another way to instantly shift your energy from being upset to a bit of humor is to imagine that their hemorrhoids are acting up. This always works for me.

Take your power, use it for good...protect yourself from the Energy Vampires with their toxic, negative, blaming, hurtful perspectives on life.

One of the outcomes of my online virtual workshop, The Five Facets Of Feminine Grace, is to remove those buttons so they can no longer get pushed, or at least, less and less often. But the most important thing you will learn in this workshop is enhanced self-love. That is required in order to have the kind of relationship that is deeply satisfying...for you both.

Helping you make magic, everywhere you go,

Kara Oh

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