Self-Help Is Not For Sissies


If you really want your love life to improve, you just might be going at it from the wrong direction

I need to rant. Just a little. You see, I know how much time women spend searching for the answers to their problems. BUT, and here's the rant, the answers are not 'out there.'

One of my favorite quotes of all time is, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Gandhi was a pretty smart guy.

If you want your life to improve, then you need to improve.

People toss the 'self-help' term around all the time. But what does it really mean?
It doesn't mean just read articles and books, or watch videos, or even go to seminars.

Self-help means you help yourself grow, improve, and evolve by applying what you've learned.

It means you do the work the articles, books, videos, seminars, and workshops advise you to do.

If you don't, nothing will change.

There's a joke about self-help programs. It's often referred to 'shelf-help.' That because people buy the product, or even go to a live event, and when they've finished it, they put the book, binder, or whatever materials they paid for, on the shelf, never to be looked at again.

So, as Bob Newhart says, "Stop it!"

You will not become a happier woman by just reading articles, reading books, or watching videos...even mine.

If you really and truly want to be happier, and if you really and truly want your love life to improve, then it has to start with you.

It's called personal growth 'work' for a reason. It takes some work, some effort, and some bravery.

Why bravery? Because you have to go inside and explore what's really going on in your mind, heart, spirit, and psyche.


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Helping you make magic, everywhere you go,

Kara Oh

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