Did You Lock Her Up...AGAIN?

Love, Self

When was the last time you felt luscious...lovable...fully alive? Maybe you just misplaced the key.

When was the last time you felt truly delicious? Or sexy? Not the last time you put on a sexy outfit, I mean really sexy, in that way you can feel in every cell of your body that you are dazzling! That's way more than just a low cut dress and platform heels.

That is the REAL you, the Goddess, ready to rock the world with your Woman Confidence.

Yes, there's a Goddess inside you, all the time...ALL-OF-THE-TIME!!!

The problem is, you've locked her away. No, not on purpose. You'd never do that. But life has a way of causing us to shut down all the things that make us feel truly alive.

The 'shoulds' and 'ought-tos,' societies rules that hold you down (and who the heck made them up in the first place?), the ways your parents and school taught you how to act, and the simple stresses that are a part of our modern world.

But that Goddess is aching to be let out, to help you live more fully, to express all the parts of you that make you unique.

Like your childlike wonderment. When was the list time you felt that?

Or a magical moment of sensuality...just because something was so beautiful, or tasted so good?

If you don't believe that there is a Goddess waiting within you, wanting to help you enjoy life, then I invited you to download a deeply relaxing Guided Visualization that will help you meet, and get acquainted with, that part of you that is fully and completely a woman.

Download Awaken Your Goddess here and listen any time you want to shine with radiant woman energy.

Helping you make magic, everywhere you go,

Kara Oh

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