Newsflash: Men & Women Deal With Divorce Differently

Dating After Divorce: How Men & Women Cope
Love, Heartbreak

Wong also shares some advice from David Sbarra, Associate Professor & Director of Clinical Training, University of Arizona: "He talks about 'what now' moments — obstacles and opportunities to move forward. They are times to redefine ourselves and see our world in fundamentally different ways. Divorce is a quintessential 'what now' moment. How we take advantage of this opportunity can radically transform our lives!"

Sounds great, but how do you make it happen? From Wong: "Cultivate self-passion. Look at yourself as a dear friend. Pull yourself back together again. Divorce deals a devastating blow to how we see ourselves. Reconnect to people and activities that help you restore, renew, and reframe a healthy view of yourself. Max out on courage, and don't fall into self-medicating, or poor coping mechanisms. You need to be physically and mentally healthy in order to achieve stability and happiness in the future. Otherwise, you'll only be wasting opportunities to improve yourself and add more things to recover from.

So how do we get 'that way'? Be wise about addressing both the inside and outside! And most of all, start with your heart."

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