3 Ways Your Online Addiction Can Kill Your Sex Life


Most of us are attached at the ear (or thumb)to our phones, computers & tablets. Save your sex l

It’s almost impossible to live in this modern metropolitan world without some form of online attachment and it can really get in the way of our romantic relationships if we don’t watch out. I was rather late to the internet-party but now I’d say I’m certifiably addicted. Leave the smart phone home for the afternoon…? Not a chance! I’d hate to be ‘out of touch’. This kind of constant interaction online can interfere with our in-person relationships.  Especially sexually. When you’re getting down ‘n’ dirty you want to be connecting with your partner, not thinking about hashtags!

"Oh…I have to tweet that…"

Twitter and Facebook are fun, super popular way to keep up with friends (and read their every little thought). They are also places where it’s easy to kvetch, console and generally stay distracted. The constant updates about what’s happening in the lives of everyone you know, both online and in real life, can easily make you *feel* connected without any human contact. Step away from the posting and engage with your lover face to face without any internet interruptions. Now make sure you’re not thinking about posting a status update while you’re having sexy time!

“It would be rude for me to not respond to that email right now…”

With the fast pace of communication these days, expected response time is getting shorter and shorter. The same is true for phone calls, but we’ll focus on emails for now. When that little ‘ding’ goes off or your smart phone lights up with the 2013 version of “you’ve got mail” it holds an almost undeniable pull to at least read the email and then responding is usually pretty close behind. Remembering that you do NOT have to be available every second to everyone will give you room to focus on feeling sexy with your partner. Turn your notifications off when you’re having romantic and sexual time together. Both of you can, and should, commit to having focused non-online time together.

“I probably shouldn’t share this, but…”

If you have any second thoughts about posting something, then don’t post it. It’s so easy to over-share online that being aware that private moments and experiences should stay just that, private. Personal information can be more revealing than you intend and if it’s publicly accessible then it’s more risky than you probably know. Some sexual partners revel in the public telling and retelling of their ‘sordid’ adventures, but it’s important to make sure you’re on the same page as your partner when it comes to disclosing sexual secrets. If you don’t respect your partners desires, you may find your opportunity to fulfill your partners desires disappear!

How has your sex life been affected by your connection to the internet?

This article was originally published at http://www.passionateu.com/home/2013/09/3-ways-your-online-addiction-can-kill-your-sex-life/. Reprinted with permission from the author.