New Year´s Decisions - How to get those done!

Decisions Decisions

Start from the Reflection

For me this beautiful exercise means a lot so I want to share it with you. Take a moment to review the past year 2015.

  1. YOUR STAR MOMENTS. Write, draw, take photos or use your creativity in other ways to review your most beautiful, abundant, nutritious, flourishing moments, feelings and encounters of joy and bliss.
  2. DEEP DOWNS. Ups and downs belong to life. What have been the most challenging, painful and saddest experiences, happenings, encounters and feelings of hate, anxiety and pain in your past year? Be as honest as you can to yourself!
  3. THE PEARLS OF WISDOM. What did you learn from your experiences? What kind of amazing pearls, diamonds or other treasures did you get? Save the lessons and wisdom into your heart to guide your choices from this moment forward.
  4. EMPTY YOUR BAGGAGE. Check what is it you want to carry with you to the next year and what can you leave behind. There is no need to carry an unnecessary load so let go of everything that does not serve you anymore. Make an empty space to new experiences, to new treasures to come.

A Fresh Start

Letting go is crucial in the change process. If you don´t let go of anything there is no room for new things, events or people to come. From a clean space you have created it´s time to think what is it that you want? What is your heart´s deepest wish right now? What´s truly important to you? What is your intention or goal to the year 2016?   

There is so much happening in the world and an overload of information and knowledge, so it might be a good idea to focus on one topic at a time. Alternatively you can make a narrowed choice of focus in several areas of life. For example think about a) health b) relationships c) work d) economics e) wellbeing. What is the most important 20% in each area? What will you focus on do in order to achieve that?

Make a Commitment!

In order to finish what you started you need a strong commitment. That includes both a decision and a strong willingness to work for a change. It is not enough that you want things to happen, usually you also need to work for that. This is where your willpower has a significant role! Check how much you really want what you want. How much on a scale 1-10 (1= not at all, 10=fully committed) are you willing to make an effort for your dream? Are you ready to move on regardless of the obstacles that might come into a way? If so, make a decision on the first step and do the work.

Awarding Your Journey

Awarding is an extremely important part of the change process. When you split your goal or intention into small pieces and take baby steps towards the end result, you can witness your progress. You can see your achievements more clearly and even if there will be misfortunes you don´t have an urge to quit. Even if you think nothing has happened or not as quickly as you wanted to, you can see that you are proceeding all the time. Have mercy on yourself! Have patience.

The best award is to achieve what you planned. Yet, the most awarding part often is the process itself, the journey. You need all the support and encouragement during that so help yourself by awarding every now and then. What small thing could bring you joy or make you happy? What could give you the feeling that you have succeeded?

Finally the 5 Steps for Making Changes

  1. When you are open for a change, define a clear and concrete goal or intention. Make a commitment when you want that to happen (deadline) and when you start acting towards the goal Mark the dates into your calendar. What is the first concrete action you are going to do?
  2. Check your state of willingness: what is it in scale 1-10? Be honest to yourself. If the number is under 8, define a new goal that truly motivates you.
  3. Make a decision! When making a decision you drop all the other possibilities and turn all your energy and effort forward.
  4. Act in baby steps. Proceed in small steps, one step at a time. This needs a willpower and systematic practice. Allow the setbacks and support yourself by being merciful to yourself. Check your willingness and how you´ve moved forward every now and then: from where have you started and where are you now?  What is the next step? Appreciate your way.
  5. Award yourself during the journey and especially when you get where you want! You have deserved all the glory so congratulate and thank yourself. Enjoy your success and persistence!

Kaija Pitkäniemi is an intuitive coach, trainer, speaker, writer and the owner of her company, Intuitivo Oy. Closest to her heart is an on-going self-development, knowing oneself truly and through that self-management, taking responsibility of one´s life. In her current home place, beautiful Fiskars Village in Southern Finland, she offers retreats and “Silence talks” – Mindful walks: .  Further information: