Who Doesn't Love to Laugh?


Saying you love to laugh is like saying you love food and oxygen.

I LOVE TO LAUGH—just stop.

Laughing signifies an inner quality of happiness that outwardly expresses in a (mostly) involuntarily sound that comes out of your mouth. Laughing and being present in the moment like a child should be simple, but as adults we forget how to do this because we tend to worry about EVERYTHING. When you laugh, endorphins are released that make you completely engaged in the moment. We ALL want this.

EVERYONE loves to laugh. Proclaiming you love to laugh is like saying, "I love food and oxygen."—It's obvious. Yet you see "I love to laugh" on so many online dating profiles. Maybe it would make more sense to put what you love to laugh at or who makes you laugh, but saying you love to laugh doesn't make any sense. 

Here's an actual online dating profile:

“Hi, my name is Steve and I’m told I have really good energy, but what I love the most in life is laughing. Love it more than smiling. I love to laugh! If I could get paid to laugh then I would put in overtime at my job. That would be a sweet career: laughing all day. I wouldn’t even take breaks. If I had to take a 15 minute break, I would just keep laughing! Vacation? Who needs that. I’ll just laugh until retirement. They should call me the hyena.
Even right now I’m laughing. I don’t even know why cause I’m alone in my apartment. I can’t help myself. Listen, I was at a funeral last week and just laughed and laughed. I didn’t really know the guy in the casket. He was wearing a funny suit, so I laughed my ass off! Everyone around me stared at me cause I was laughing, and that made me laugh more. LOL! They asked me to leave. I get kicked out of the funeral – I laughed all the way out the door. I should call myself the hyena. Oh I already said that! I am killing me. LOL!  If laughter is the best medicine I hope I get cancer cause I will laugh my way into remission. 

Who doesn't love to laugh? I want to read a profile from someone who loves to cry:

“Hey online daters, my name is Maria. Sure I am looking for a challenging guy to spend time with, but what I’m really looking for is someone to cry with. I love to cry. Crying is the bomb dot comb. I love it. I cry and raise the roof all night long. I’m crying right now. I have no reason to, but I love it so much. It’s 80 degrees and perfect outside, I don’t give a crap, I can cry if I want to. I just had some sweet potato fries and calamari, my favorite, and I cried the entire time. Every bite was awesome and delicious, so I cried more and more. The tears from my eyes fell onto the calamari, I don’t give a crap. I sopped up those tears like gravy – get that sadness back in my body.
Crying is the best!I’m going to cry all night long. Nobody can stop me. If you are a happy piece of crap, do not contact me, because I want misery, but if you want to have a cry-athon then I’m your girl. I have the Notebook on DVD, black fingernail polish, and six box of Kleenex’s. Email me back and let’s get cracking on this crying…I’ll be waiting in my closet. Crying away with my teddy bear.”

How do you feel about people who announce they love to laugh? Comment below and tell me about it (if you aren’t too busy laughing).

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This article was originally published at The Online Dating Critic. Reprinted with permission from the author.