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The best of what's available for your stage of life is presented, explained, discussed and made easy to women over 40+ with the click of a mouse! Just Bloom goes beyond beauty! 

About Blair Bloom

JUST BLOOM celebrates beauty, wellness and the love of life.

JUST BLOOM is for like-minded women on the other side of 40 that fully embrace who they are and want to get the most out of this time of their lives.

Introducing Carolyn Riske and Blair Bloom, two women who quickly realized that beauty, as we age, is not just about looking younger, but also about how we feel, how we enjoy life and how we connect to the world around us.

With that end in mind, they created a place for women to explore, discover and share what beautiful means to them. Their goal is to help women on the other side of 40 to embrace their individuality, improve their health and confidence. To encourage women to be the best they can be by leveraging their decades of experience to provide the finest products and best advice available on beauty and wellness.

Every 3 months Just Bloom offers members a bundled box containing an assortment of beauty and wellness products in special sizes curated to specifically address transitions in and graceful aging. A team of experts personally tests each product to ensure members receive the best experience in physical, emotional and spiritual health. Full-size products will be available for purchase on the Just Bloom website.


The Just Bloom Story

The universe brought together two unique women experiencing different life transitions. Blair Bloom had resigned from the beauty industry corporate life, recently became single, and faced an empty nest as her daughter began her own career. Carolyn Riske was going through a divorce and in the process of discovering the next phase of her life. Their paths converged in Tucson, Arizona, at Canyon Ranch whose motto, appropriately enough, is “the power of possibility.”

Blair and Carolyn became fast friends walking through beautiful canyons and hills each morning sharing the stories of their lives. They decided to start a business together. They were open to any form that might take. One day working out, side-by-side on the treadmill, Carolyn noticed Blair’s surname, Bloom, on her agenda. She said, “That’s it! That’s what we are doing at Canyon Ranch – blooming, evolving, growing into a new phase, a beautiful new phase!” They decided to start a business that celebrates women, blooming into their next phase – whatever that may be. The important message they learned at Canyon Ranch is that, “if we stop trying so hard, we will get in touch with our authentic selves and “Just Bloom” into whatever it is that we are, and that will be a beautiful new phase of our lives.” And that was the birth of Just Bloom.

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