World's First Groupon Marriage Proposal


A Cincinnati man proposes to his girlfriend of 4.5 years on the deal-of-the-day website

As reported on today, the digital social media marriage proposal has just expanded to include, “Will you marry me?” via Groupon. Greg R., who put the price tag of $1 for his bride-to-be, was the first to propose on the deal-of-the-day website in the Cincinnati edition.

It wasn’t a completely unromantic proposal to Dana, his girlfriend 4.5 years. Greg started out by stating, “I have told you many time that I was the luckiest man ever.” 

The Groupon-approved marriage proposal was non-transferable and had an expiration date. The fine print stated that Groupon was entitled to no less than 15% of the couple’s marital bliss. Dana’s value? $999,999, a whopping savings of $999,998. Of course, it was a limited quantity offer of only one, which was grabbed up before the offer expired.

One thing is for sure. As new social networking sites continue to emerge, there will always be someone to be the first to create a romantic digital footprint and propose to their loved one in a Web 2.0 World.

Groupon chimed in with some relationship advice for the newly-engaged including "The Groupon Guide to a Successful Marriage." Fortunately the marriage proposal was filled with humor and wit. Who knew that Groupon would be giving relationship advice in 2011?

Click here for Greg’s proposal on Groupon.