Dating Tips for Sandra Bullock

Dating Tips for Sandra Bullock
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If you flash back 15 years, you might remember Sandra Bullock in an earlier film called The Net.  Now that the Academy Award winning actress is filing for divorce from her serial-cheating spouse Jesse James, it might make sense for her to try her luck with online dating.

Once thought as an avenue for only the dating-challenged, online dating has surpassed the porn industry and is now the second largest business on the Web, behind online gaming.

In the film The Net, Bullock played an Internet-savvy character as Angela Bennett. She was obsessed with spending time on the computer and most of her friends were found in cyberspace.  Once Bullock takes the time to recover from her betrayal, she should join the other celebrities who have tried Internet dating and incorporated social networking as a regular part of their lives.

Recently, I suggested that Jennifer Love Hewitt join an online dating site in an article on the Huffington Post. I even offered to create her irresistible online dating profile.

Sandra Bullock has almost 250,000 fans on her Facebook page, but has not yet engaged with her fans or followers. Her cheating husband, Jesse James has recently removed his Twitter account.

So what would Sandra Bullock's online dating profile look like? Here are my suggestions for the soon-to-be newly single film star.

Catchy Screen Name: SOUTHERN CHARM

(Bullock at the premiere for "The Proposal" - June 2009)

Headline: Totally Devoted Looking for the Same

Age: 45-year old Woman Seeking Men 42-52

Relationship: Separated

Have Kids: No

Want Kids: Yes

Body Type: Slender

For Fun: Watching Other People's Movies

My Job: Entrepreneur and Actress

My Education: Fine Arts, East Carolina University

Favorite Things: Playing guitar. Giving back to the world.

About Me: I'm the daughter of an opera singer and lived in Europe as a child. I speak several languages with German being my favorite. I was a cheerleader in high school and still like to root for the home team. I'd like a man to mean it when he says, "I'll watch your back."

Other Hollywood celebrities have dabbled with online dating, including Joan Rivers, Halle Berry, and Brad Garrett. I have a feeling more stars will join in on the action when their status returns to "Single."

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Just as Hollywood has embraced Facebook and Twitter, you will see more celebrities turning to the net to look for love online.