Saying "NO" — The Start Of A Happier Life


"Saying no to what you don’t want opens the door to what you do." – Julie Orlov

We spend a lot of time and energy trying to get what we want — the right romantic partner, the right job, the right work-life balance.

People will utilize all kinds of things to bring in their desired reality. God knows people will sell you just about anything in pursuit of your aspirations. You may have tried visualizing your wants, creating a vision board, making positive affirmations, hiring a coach, or creating a strategic plan.

These are not bad things to do and in fact, when you do put your attention on what you want, you are certainly more likely to get it.

However, there is more to creating something new and different. You not only need to say yes to what you want, you need to say no to what you don’t. In fact, I’d go as far to say that saying no is a crucial first step to recognizing and embracing something new.

So if you’re tired of

  • Dating people who aren’t good for you
  • Settling for crumbs instead of what you truly deserve
  • Tolerating mistreatment or abuse
  • Getting taken advantage of for your giving and compassionate nature
  • Or anything else that is not working in your life ... 

Start saying no.

"No" to what doesn’t work for you, "No" to those people and circumstances you'll no longer tolerate and accept.

When you make a stand to stay away from those things and people that do not work for you, you take a clear stand for those that do.

Just say no, and feel good about your commitment to your life.

Be well,


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This article was originally published at Juilie Orlov Relationship Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.