This Celeb Couple Is The Perfect Example Of What NOT To Do In Public

silly girls.

Public afffection is fine as long as you don't do it like these celebrities!

So does anyone else just want to stick pins in their eyes and glue their ears shut rather than hear or see one more unimportant, wildly inappropriate, vulgar and oh SO self-expressive thing from the public affection of Kim and Kanye?

The latest in a long line of completely ridiculous self-promoting bad behavior is that Kanye posted nude pictures of his wife, the mother of his infant child, on twitter for all the world to see and quite a few of them, no doubt, to sexually fantasize about.

When there are no barriers of any kind for respect and  you have no thought beyond, "gee, that's a good idea...I think I'll..." you're probably in trouble.

And sadly, they are not the only  "celebrities" to fall victim to this type of thinking; that lewd behavior makes them very cool, and there aren't any consequences for their behavior.

They don't seem to get there are actually consequences for presenting yourself this way in the world. For themselves and for everyone who follows them and looks up to them. As they are continually worshiping at the altar of their self-expression, thinking of themselves as  completely unique, utterly entitled, and extremely special, and going to extreme lengths to prove those things about themselves they miss the point of being adults. 

 Of course, they will come to understand this point later, and it's a pity that they don't learn from the experience of others or seek feedback from people whose judgment is more mature or more developed than theirs.  Being a responsible adult requires several perspectives that the West's just don't seem to have.  

One is that certain things are supposed to be sacred and private. Your wife's breasts and genitals should certainly be on that list.  Since they were married 'under God', they have at some level an obligation to live their marriage in a way that reflects the values of the structure under which they made their vows.  

Secondly,  I find it especially egregious that knowing how many tens if not hundreds of thousands of young people watch them, follow them, listen to them, and emulate them, they seem to have a callous disregard for the effect of their modeling on others.

I don't think it would be possible to make a case that this kind of behavior is beneficial or useful when one is trying to be gone for good wife or husband, parent, a role model in the community, successful employee, etc.

Clearly most of us down here on earth don't have the luxury of having no consequences for bad behavior, and lacking shame to notice what is so clearly offensive to most people.

The problem is when you always put yourself first, you will always be doing more harm than good to yourself and everyone around you. When you are such a media presence and have so much influence because of that celebrity status, the amount of harm you can do to people around you becomes staggering. How unfortunate.  

They have such a platform to be a force for good, and they squander it expressing how unique and special they are.