Why Celebrity Marriages Rarely Make It ...


Tom and Katie: Another celebrity marriage dissolves. Average Jill and Average Joe are better off...

Tom & Katie, Seal & Heidi, Demi & Ashton, Jennifer & Marc -- Just to name a few of 2012's failed celeb marriages. Why do so many celebrity marriages crash and burn?

Is being gorgeous, wealthy, and famous the kiss of death for lasting love?  Well, sadly it often is. Why? Because these celebrities don't really neeeeeeed each other for survival and even for comfort, at least not to the extent that the rest of us need and depend upon our spouses.

With plenty of money to escape and start over and the certainty that new suitors and romantic possibilities will be plentiful, when things get a little rough around the household it's tempting and easy for the beautiful-and-rich to split up, turn the page and start a new chapter of life.

Here's the sad reality -- When we give up on a marriage, we lose the opportunity to work through the very issues that caused the trouble in the first place. Which explains why second marriages fail more than first marriages, and third marriages -- they're even worse. 

Along with money and beauty often comes that really yukky sense of entitlement, the inner knowingness that "I'm better, I deserve more, I shouldn't have to deal with or put up with x, y, or z in life. I'm special." 

My father was a smart guy. He told me once that the trouble with beautiful and wealthy people is that well....they usually mess it up... and interestingly, as a personal matchmaker http://www.cupidscoach.com for over twenty years, I'd have to say that I see evidence for Dad's claim. 

And on the other hand,  some of our most heart-warming success stories have been among everyday people, the Average Joe's and the Average Jill's who are living in the real world. They found each other, they lit on each other, they committed to each other, and they are learning to work through life's ups and downs together. They don't have the luxury of trading in their spouse every few years, and because they need each other they learn how to turn toward each other when life gets tough.

Average Joe's and Average Jill's might just have the advantage in keeping love alive.