Single? 4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Matchmaker

Single? 4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Matchmaker [EXPERT]

A matchmaker may just be your best bet for finding Mr. Right!

4. What kind of a budget do I have? Online dating sites are free or very inexpensive, but if you are tired of them, or if you have an aversion to online dating and singles events, and it's not financially irresponsible for you to invest some of your hard-earned dough, then it's smart for you to consider having a more private, streamlined solution for meeting the right kinds of people.

There are several kinds of personal matchmaking agencies. Some matchmakers will take on only male clients, recruiting free-registry female members to introduce to the gentlemen clients. Some matchmaking agencies serve both men and women. Certain agencies only introduce clients to other clients, and some recruit consistently to ensure a steady stream of new candidates to introduce to the clients who are paying the search fees. Niche Dating: Finding Needles In Haystacks

What does it cost to hire a personal matchmaker? It's always a function of how easy or challenging the search will be for the matchmaker to conduct. Most matchmakers will offer a free initial consultation during which the two of you will decide together if moving forward with a personal search program is a good idea for both you and the company.

Still not sure? We're happy to help you decide if personal matchmaking might be a great solution for you. Regardless of where you live, register privately with us for free at and, based on who you are and where you live, we'll be happy to make a recommendation for you!