Why Commitment Is Crucial To Any Successful Marriage


What is YOUR level of commitment to your partner?

Commitment is the cornerstone of any successful marriage. Yet, there are many different shades of commitment. A successful marriage requires that each spouse establishes a mutually agreed upon understanding of the level of commitment they both invest.

Both spouses must agree to what extent they will work to make their marriage successful. Furthermore, as they grow and their lives change, the marriage couple must periodically re-evaluate their commitment to the relationship.

When the couple regularly and openly discusses the parameters of their commitment, they validate each other and even establish a sense of emotional camaraderie as they work toward the same goals. These are the marriages that survive.

Unfortunately, the marriages that I see fail are the ones where one spouse is fully invested in the relationship, while the other spouse is hopelessly and passively waiting for it to change on its own.

As seen in Jaleh Donaldson's book, Making Marriage a Success (2011). Julie Dubovoy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in children and families. You can reach her at julie@juliedubovoy.com for more information.