Read, Sing & Talk To Your Baby (EXPERT)


Do you want to raise a smart and kind kid? It is so simple; just share & bond daily by being there.

Read, Sing and Talk To Your Baby

When babies make cooing sounds, we make cooing sounds in return. When they smile, we smile and then they smile and it goes on and on. Our loving joy or job is to provide prompt response to his needs, consistent care and love.

Hopefully, we will share opportunities for activities which will help move and develop muscles including the brain..

When it is play time, provide a secure, loving relationship; affection, patience and encouragement of his constant activity. When it is food time, the caring adults are excited with each development step and we mirror their expressions of joy when tasting applesauce.

Provide Rich Learning Enviroment

We want to provide as rich an environment with as many positive social and learning opportunities as possible. We want to stimulate those synapses associated with positive experiences to become a permanent part of the child’s brain. By reading, singing and talking to your baby you will give gently teaching rather than scolding or commanding.

The more experiences a child has, the more connections its brain cells will make. The size of the baby’s brain will almost triple in the first three years of life.

Raise Smart and Kind Kids

Children who don’t have stimulating and enriching experiences such as cuddling, being talked, sung and read to, have underdeveloped brains. Those children will have the same number of cells, but there will be fewer connections between them.

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