Parent Advice: 5 Ways To End Teen's Behavior Problems

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The best time to teach respect, responsibility and resilience is when kids are small. Not too late.

Imagine a scene where you ask your teen to pick up his clothes and he smiles and does it immediately.  Does that sound too far-fetched.  Maybe not, read on….

Every teen misbehaves at some point or another. From talking back and slamming doors to ditching class and using profanity. It’s normal for teens to want to feel independent, but it’s not acceptable for them to act out in a negative manner. Don’t go to the extreme, however — sending them off to boarding school isn’t the answer.

It is important to assist your children to feel good about themselves and their contribution to the world. Teach self-esteem and confidence. Find more affordable and effective parenting books at

Here are 5 ways to correct your teens difficult behavior before their out-of-control antics becomes an even bigger problem and ruins your family:

  1.     Listen Before You Talk

Now more than ever teens have the opportunity to make bad decisions: from violent video games, movies and TV shows. Teens and pre-teens are more exposed to profanity, violence and bad behaviors than in years passed. The basis for teaching values, compassion and empathy is best done while children are small.

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