7 Ways To Overcome Mental Obstacles To Self Confidence


Because you have the power to change thoughts in order to change your world, read these 7 new steps.

Imagine your life as a journey with many crossroads, detours and alternate routes as you head towards your destiny.  I truly believe that each one of us is born with a destiny plan and a mission on this earth. As I work with global families, I stress the importance of keeping a mental image of confident success as you struggle to learn the daily tasks of life.

As humans travel along the journey of life, it is natural to encounter obstacles and roadblocks. Many of us get “stuck in the mud” and can’t figure out what to do, so it is easier to just stay stuck. Developing alternate plans or routes will help get you back on track.

The Universe Rewards Positive Movement

The most important movement towards confidence is to make a decision and then move on that decision.  If you make a decision and commitment to move forward towards the kind of life you desire, then doors will open and miracles will happen to help you.

Many times the biggest hindrances to getting where we want to go are our old beliefs and traditions which no longer serve us. If old tapes are playing in your mind about lack, limits or inadequacies, then take them out, examine them and see if they are even true.

You may be operating on a set of values that your parents taught you which was necessary for them right then, but certainly not for you now.  You are a capable adult and have the ability and responsibility to lead a fulfilling and happy life.

Overcome Self-Imposed Limits

Your creative powers and authentic self may become stifled and held back because you are afraid to look foolish or risk rejection. You will want to continue reading the rest of this important blog post Here are some suggestions on overcoming self-imposed limitations


This article was originally published at Ask Auntie Artichoke. Reprinted with permission from the author.