5 Ways To Nurture With Nature

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Nature is a great teacher about life. Read about 5 different ways you can teach life-lessons outside

Imagine your child running in the park.  Can you hear the laughter and joy from just being outside in nature? How about climbing a tree and pretending it is the masthead of a ship?  That is what our young grandson Ridge did last weekend.

It was a complete joy to join in his fantasy. By standing on the ground and asking him to tell me what he could see through his imaginary telescope he brought me into his life. It is just one more suggestion to add to my collection of 77 Ways To Have FUN With Your Family For Free.

Nature Nurtures The Spirit & Builds The Body

Children who have the opportunity to play in nature have a heightened awareness of the world.  Being in nature helps them to recognize the cycles of life and the interdependence of plants, animals and humans.

They also have more advanced coordination, balance and agility.  When they are involved in physical play, they develop their lungs and muscles which means they are sick less often. Being in nature creates a resilient spirit and a bounce-back attitude.

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