Love & Discipline: 5 Tips For Fathers

Love & Discipline: 5 Tips For Fathers [EXPERT]
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Find out how dads can be firm while bonding with their kids.

3. Use logical consequences to correct inappropriate behavior. "If you leave your bike outside on the sidewalk once more, we will put it in the garage for a week." And then do it.

4. Be a role model for integrity. Your child will learn much more from what you do, rather than from what you say.

5. Hold family meetings to allow everyone to share ideas and suggestions, on how to make the family connect more closely and the house run smoothly. Make these meetings a priority and make them a joyful time, not a time of correction or conflict.

Be a role model. Being an effective and loving Dad is one of the highest honors a man can have. When you build those strong connections and trust with your child, you will have gained a legacy that you can both be proud of.Enjoy Quality Time With Kids In 3 Simple Steps

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