3 Ways To Build Confidence & Acceptance (EXPERT)

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It is hard to see your child struggling with doubts & disappointment. Share ideas for resiliency.


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We all have weaknesses that are hard to accept. Parents, teachers and caring adults see areas that need improvement in children and want to help them build confidence. The trick is to build confidence and acceptance without criticism and breaking the spirit.

As I have mentioned in previous articles and books, “Soar with Your Strengths.”

Determine which strengths are improvable, get to work on those and manage the rest. Help your child to be a "Bounce-Back Kid."

For instance if your child is not good in math, but excels in woodshop, then do everything possible to encourage him in working with wood. Find a tutor (high school or college student) to assist him in learning math in a way that makes sense for him.

The best way to build confidence and self-esteem is to find things we are good at and enjoy and do more of them.

Even More Ideas to Build Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem in Kids

  • Accept Imperfections — in Your Child and Yourself. Rules and high expectations can seem overwhelming to a child, who may not understand that you don’t expect her to be perfect.

One way to reassure her that it’s okay to make mistakes is to let her see you make them—and correct them or apologize. To do so will model for your child that it is fine to be human and that mistakes are temporary teaching tools. As we teach and model that mistakes are a part of live and that we can do better next time, it will be comforting and not an excuse to blame others.

  • Use Punishment Sparingly. In my work as a parent educator, I have seen parents come down hard on a child for a minor misdeed or oversight.

Major punishment for minor misdeeds makes kids feel helpless; the result is more likely to be a power struggle between parent and child than in a lesson in how life should be lived.

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