2 Myths About Quality Family Time (EXPERT)

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Many people think quality time has to be expensive, fun-filled activities. Just spend time together.

What’s with the quality time that everyone tries to accomplish with their families?

Do you run yourselves ragged trying to cram

a week’s worth of quality time into your evenings

and weekends. As a result, you feel even more

pressure and guilt because all this quality time

has left no time for housework and the more mundane

aspects of family life.

So you feel stressed, overwhelmed and even more frustrated.

Then you feel resentful, overburdened and panicked about the upcoming week. Not good feelings for anyone.

Sunday Night Panic

Our family used to hate Sunday night and rightfully so. After church services, dinner together and then relaxing naps, I would turn into Frankenstein around 4 pm.

Knowing that I had an overflowing week of my own work ahead, I would micro-manage every little detail of everyone’s week in an attempt to get organized. It was a disaster. It was quality time alright. But the quality was very negative and certainly not productive to family harmony.

Finally, the family had a long discussion and helped me to see that my attitude was spoiling our together time.They taught me the myths about quality time.

So I smartened up and realized what got done, got done and what didn’t, oh well!

They taught me (as it usually happens when we parents slow down and listen) that my idea of quality time had some flaws in it. They shared, unanimously, that they would much rather work, play and organize with a pleasant person than a Sunday Night Manic.

They also gave me a plaque that said:

    Blessed Are Those Who Are Pleasant To Live With


I may be dumb, but I am not stupid. I learned  new ways to have quality time.

So is there hope for you? Absolutely! First you need to read more


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