Moving From Heavy to Light

Moving From Heavy to Light

Does everything in your life feel hard? Are you in a constant internal battle with yourself and/or externally battling your teenager, your boss, your job? Do you mercilessly judge yourself as you constantly feel like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole?

With programming like “no pain/no gain” and “nothing has value if you haven’t worked really hard for it”, where’s the fun? Are you too exhausted to feel valuable? Two of my mother’s favorite sayings were “working myself to the bone” and “working myself to death”. How uplifting is that? Were you taught, as I was, that you couldn’t go out to play until you’ve finished your chores? Is play seldom, if ever, at the forefront of your consciousness?

Living a “hard” life generates stress, anger, resistance, conflict that take an enormous toll on your physical and mental health with your sense of well-being and sense of self being non-existent at worst and spasmodic at best. Are you feeling heavy yet?

The good news is you can choose the living you desire! You don’t have to buy into what everyone else has told you. About 98% of what goes on in your head is not yours!! It’s the programming of culture, parents, educators and religions to name a few. Imagine all the headaches you WOULDN’T have and all the space available to you for generating the living that YOU choose. What a concept! A great tool for this purging process is asking “Who does this belong to?” when you notice the negative, fearful, angry thoughts and words you express. Don’t try to find an answer, just say “Return to Sender with 10,000 times consciousness” and let it go.

I hear you saying, “That’s way too easy. How can anything that simple and easy work?” Who does that belong to? Yes, simple and easy have gotten a bad rap for eons. Would you like to gain clarity and make choices that work for you? Simply ask “Does this feel lighter or heavier?” If it feels lighter, it’s truth for you; if it feels heavier, it’s a lie for you. Let’s give this a try. Does “work” feel lighter or heavier? Does “play” feel lighted or heavier? As you continually choose what’s lighter, you are making life choices based on your truth, which quickly deepens your trust and confidence in yourself.

What if finding answers, solutions, conclusions aren’t needed for you to know what belongs to you and guide your next steps? What if judgment and saying “I don’t know” stop energy faster than anything thus blocking the flow? What if your life could be devoid of fear and full of ease, joy and peace? What if your relationship with you was the key to your phenomenal living while generating healthy, loving relationships with everyone in your life? What if all of this could happen easily with no hard work involved? Check in with each of these questions to see what feels lighter or heavier.

The two previous tools plus many other tools and processes are from Access Consciousness. Their mantra is “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory”. Affirmations are not recommended because saying “I am………” also solidifies the energy thus blocking the flow. A core part of their approach is living in the question without looking for any answers. Using open-ended questions to engage the Universe’s infinitely creative response such as
“What else is possible?”
“How does it get any better than this?” and
“How could this turn out way better than anything I could ever imagine?” suggest a whole new way of living.

Many people, including me, who have repeated the mantra and these questions multiple times each day, experience shifts in our energy bringing more play, lightness and miracles that have quickly transformed us and our lives from heavy to light. What else is possible?