What to Ask Your Date

What to Ask Your Date

What is important to you when choosing a life partner? Do you ever ask yourself this question when you are preparing for a date? Or are you more worried about what you will wear and whether or not it is a good or a bad hair day?

How we dress and present ourselves in public is important. I'm sure you have heard about the principle 'dress for success'. This would apply to dates as well as to your career. What we don't hear very much about is how to determine if your date is actually a good potential life partner, in other words, are you well matched? A very simple way to determine this is to ask the right questions.

The exercise below is meant to spark awareness. Learn what you might want to ask your next date.

1. Ask yourself, "What are the things that would be 'deal breakers' for me with a potential partner? What would make me have to walk away from the relationship?"

Examples Include:
•Addiction issues
•Does not like kids or animals
•Financial differences
•Not respectful

What questions could you gracefully ask during an evening to begin to determine if there are any deal breakers present? Come up with at least 10 questions to have handy. Spend a little time journaling about what is important to you and your list of questions will grow with ease.

The reason you want to determine as soon as possible if there are any deal breakers is because you do not want to spend a lot of time with the wrong person. You will want to be available when the right partner comes along and you cannot be available if you are caught up in a dead-end relationship.

2. Be aware of your deal breakers through observation. Pay close attention to your date's interactions throughout the evening. How does he treat the waiter or waitress? If phone calls come in, how does he interact with those he knows well? Is he short and curt or giving and caring? I am not asking you to analyze the entire date, but keep your radar high to pick up the red flags that are very much in your view.

3. Don't forget to trust your inner knowing. Your intuition can tell you a great deal about your date if you allow it to. What is your gut trying to say? If it feels a little bit off or wrong, it probably is!

You will be attractive in a new way and on a very deep level when:

•You are clear about what you want.
•Your values are clear and in alignment with your potential partner.
•You become aware of all of your deal breakers (your requirements).
•You are able to live your life purpose and your vision.