Self-Confidence Rocks


“How do I develop self-confidence?”

As a life coach, I am often asked the all important question, “How do I develop self-confidence?” My answer is always, “One step at a time.”

Let me give you an example. Sheila was extremely overweight. She had struggled with diets and weight loss programs for years. She would lose weight only to gain it back. Her self-confidence was chipped away a little more with each perceived failure.

That was until one day she proclaimed, “I’m done with this problem…period!” She put on a new pair of sneakers and went out for a walk. She wasn’t able to go very far the first day, with the extra hundred pounds that she was dragging along, but she walked again the next day and the next and the next! With each and every step she was gaining confidence and a new sense of who she really was.

She was beginning to know herself as a strong courageous woman, who had the ability to change her life, one step at a time. She lost the extra hundred pounds and the last I heard she was competing in half marathons. What Shelia did was so much more than lose weight. She had developed self-confidence that was so strong that her extra weight no longer had a home!

This same process will work no matter what your challenge is. When you finally drive your stake into the ground and declare, “I will make a change starting now.” You shift your entire universe. The world around you is different in many ways, as long as you remain true to your word. Be strong and keep taking one step toward your intended outcome each and every day! You will gain the self-confidence you need to complete your journey and beyond!

Remember if you desire more self-confidence and a better way of life, please ask for support. You don’t need to be a lone ranger. You probably have people around you who will gladly give you encouragement and guidance. If you prefer to work with a professional, then you can hire a life coach to assist you on your journey.

Ready for more self-confidence, but not sure how to begin? If you need tangible ways this process might work in your life, for your unique challenges, then please sign up for a free 30-minute coaching consultation to gain clarity. Begin today to live the life you were meant to live. You can begin here!

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