The Key To Accepting Your Body As It Is


This is for you if you want to lose weight, but need motivation and inspiration to get started.

How can I feel better about my body, even though I’m not yet at my goal weight?

By Joy Bufalini
Certified Body Breakthrough Coach

What are your thoughts on being grateful for you body as it is RIGHT NOW? It probably seems easy to imagine being grateful if you had the body like "so and so" or you weighed "x" amount. But appreciating even those problem areas of your body – your legs, your stomach, your arms? How is that possible?

Why Gratitude?
The whole process of bringing into your life what you want actually begins with gratitude. It’s the first step of the shift in thinking that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be. When you are grateful for where you currently are, the positive feelings propel you into positive actions and outcomes.

But how can I be grateful when I don’t even like my body?
Sometimes we have to begin with acceptance of our current reality. The saying “what we resist, persists” is really true. As long as we keep focusing on the negatives about our weight and resisting our current reality, we keep perpetuating it!

Letting go of resistance and opening arms of acceptance to ourselves really brings relief to the tension that surrounds our weight and body image. It is very freeing!

What can I be grateful for?
Your legs allow you to get around and enjoy life. Your stomach digests your food, which gives you the fuel to go about your day. You arms can do everything from picking up a beautiful baby to giving someone you love a hug. Your body is a wonderful gift that allows you to do and be whatever you desire!

What results will I see?
When you begin the process of acceptance and gratitude for your current weight, you open the door to allow the wonderful, positive changes that you want to see in your body. Once those negative voices have stopped their barrage on you, you can view yourself with more clarity and possibility. You can begin the process of creating and visualizing what you really want for your body. You will feel inspiration and motivation to take action in ways that result in weight loss for you! Now who wouldn’t be grateful for that?

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Next Steps?

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