11 Golden Codes to Becoming a Great Partner


To have a great relationship, be a great partner, here are 11 golden codes to being a great partner.

Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you ".

Every one wants a great relationship, but the only control you have is control over yourself. So to have a great relationship, you need to be a great partner.

To becoming a great partner one should embody the following eleven codes:
I. Believe in the Golden Rule as the basis of all human conduct; therefore, never do to your partner that which you would not be willing for that person to do to you if the positions were reversed.

II.Be honest, even to the slightest detail, in all your interactions with your partner, not just because of your desire to be fair with him/her, but because of your desire to impress the idea of honesty on your own subconscious mind, thereby weaving this essential quality into your own character.

III.Forgive unjust actions toward you, with no thought as to whether they deserve it or not, because you understand the law through which forgiveness of others strengthens your own character and wipes out the effects of your own transgressions, in your subconscious mind.

IV. Be just, generous and fair with my partner always, even though you know that some of these acts will go unnoticed and unrecorded, in the ordinary terms of reward, because you understand and intend to apply the law through the aid of which one’s own character is but the sum total of one’s own acts and deeds.

V. Whatever time you may have to devote to the discovery and exposure of the weaknesses and faults of your partner you will devote, more profitably, to the discovery and correction of your own.

VI. You will not slander your partner, no matter how much you may believe they may deserve it, because you wish to plant no destructive suggestions in your own sub-conscious mind.

VII. Recognize the power of Thought as being an inlet leading into your brain from the universal ocean of life; therefore, set no destructive thoughts afloat upon that ocean lest they pollute the minds of others.

VIII. Conquer the common human tendency toward hatred, and envy, and selfishness, and  jealousy, and malice, and pessimism, and doubt, and fear; for  these are the seeds that destroy relationships.

IX.Voluntarily keep  your thoughts on courage, and self-confidence, and good-will toward your partner, and faith, and kindness, and loyalty, and love for truth, and justice, for these are the seeds from which the relationship will reap its harvest of progressive growth.

X. Understand that a merely believing in the soundness of the Golden Rule philosophy is of no value whatsoever, either to yourself or your partner; therefore, actively put into operation this universal rule for good of your relationship and you.

XI. Realizing that enduring happiness comes only through helping others find it, especially your partner; that no act of kindness is without its reward, even though it may never be directly repaid, do your best to assist your partner when and where the opportunity appears.

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