5 Myths About Online Dating

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When it comes to online dating, don't believe everything you hear.

4. Online dating is for desperate people. Online dating sites are filled with quality people who are extremely accomplished. Most people sign up for online dating due to the busy nature of everyday life.  

Between the extremely long work days and packed schedules people are turning to online dating as a necessary means of meeting people that they otherwise wouldn't have the time to find.

5. Online dating is like having a second job. Many people will make the claim that online dating can be exhausting. Well, these people are simply going into online dating with the wrong mentality. Nobody should ever feel as if online dating is a job. Take yor time. Just because you can meet hundreds of potential love interests online doesn't mean you should. 

Quality over quantity is the way to go.  When dates start feeling more like work then fun, it is time to re-evaluate your dating patterns.

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