What’s Really Going On Inside A Man's Head?


Are men truly less emotional than woman, or have they just fallen prey to society's pressures?

'If I was to say what is the major emotion of American masculinity, it is anxiety. Why? Because you have to prove your masculinity all the time.' — Michael Kimmel

Most men on the deepest level want to be understood but they were raised to hide their feelings.

"You’re weak, stop crying, you're a fag, man up, bang that girl" …the list goes on and on of what boys hear while growing up which often times shuts down their emotions.

We all have a preconcieved notions of what it means to be a masculine man based on our upbringing. The male role models in our lives and our favorite action heroes demonstrate how secure and emancipated we are from the stereotypes of our own gender.  A man who can feel his feelings and is secure enough to share his vulnerability is a sign of true courage and strength, not weakness. We are at a turning point in our society where we need to outgrow the stereotypes and see each other through the the eyes of a conscious heart.

Men crave love, but there’s a lot of masculine prejudice to overcome and often it takes a fall before a man can rise.

Underneath the mask there’s a boy wanting to step up into his full manhood and feel without fear.

This article was originally published at Understand Men Now with Jonathon Aslay. Reprinted with permission from the author.