If He's Not On Google, Is He Date Worthy?

If He's Not On Google, Is He Date Worthy?

Your "Mr. Right" may be hiding a thing or two.

So when it comes to dating, mating, and relating, what makes a man really worthy of your mind, body, and heart?

Have you heard of sponge worthy? You know, that Seinfeld skit about whether or not a man is worthy of "The Sponge." With a scarcity of a popular contraceptive device called The Sponge, Elaine must decide if the man she is dating is worthy of using one of her last precious gems.

Now what about babysitter-worthy? Single or divorced mothers today faced with the high cost of babysitting services are now doing some real soul-searching before committing to a date with a new man and forking out the big bucks for a babysitter. So what about Google-worthy? You know, typing in your own name and coming up on the first page.

Would you date a man who isn't Google-Worthy? If he's not on Google, is he date-worthy?

Recently, while chatting with a group of single women, I heard the most astonishing comment. One of the women shared with the group that the reason she rejected a date with a man was for not finding him anywhere on Google. What, nothing? Nope, not a thing. How can anyone go their whole lives these days without anything digitally printed on Google? She went on to say she wouldn't date a man who she couldn't do a little Google background check on. She said single women need to be ultra careful and a little homework never hurts when dating men with no references or referrals.

So with the billions and billions of digital posts about everything in the world, what are the chances a person doesn't have one mention on Google? Facebook or Twitter accounts all show up on Google. Maybe a high school graduation mention or a picture on Instagram? How about a donation to a political party?

Something usually comes up when you type in your own name, so what about someone you want to date if he isn't Google-Worthy? Is it a red flag if a person isn't mentioned on Google these days (if so, why)?

What is your prerequisite for meeting someone you know nothing about? How much time and energy do you or should you put in meeting a potential romantic partner (especially before you give your mind, body & heart)? If you are meeting someone from an online dating site, how much do you trust the profile?

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This article was originally published at Understand Men Now with Jonathon Aslay. Reprinted with permission from the author.