Why You Can't Lose Weight and Keep It Off


Do you feel extremely frustrated because no matter how many times you lose weight, it never lasts?

Do you feel extremely frustrated because no matter how many times you lose weight, it never lasts?

Would you be absolutely thrilled to leave all of your battles with food and weight behind you?

What if you could not only lose weight but also keep it off? Even better that you could do all of this without deprivation, willpower, or struggle!

Why You Can't Lose Weight and Keep It Off

The number one reason you cannot lose weight and keep it off is very simple: You do not have a weight loss mindset.

How do you know? That's very simple, too! Just look at your results. If your results are that:

  • You do not like what you see in the mirror.
  • You consistently battle with your inner self (a part of you wants to lose weight but another part is always driving you to overeat, stuff, and binge).
  • You cannot DO what you already know how to do (to live a healthy lifestyle).

If these are your results then you know that you do not have a weight loss mindset. Plain and simple!

But, there must be more to it than that, yes? After all, practically the only thing you ever see talked about is "Do this diet!" or, "Exercise like this!". 

Yes, you're right that that's where the majority focus. But if a healthy diet and exercise routine were truly the answer, then why is anyone overweight? Why can't you "Just DO It?"

The reason why you can't lose weight and keep it off is because of your mindset. Your mindset is 90% of the problem (or the solution!) and it's why you cannot "Just Do It" when it comes to consistently living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Diet and exercise is a mere 10% of the solution. Without the proper mindset, it does not matter if you have the holy grail of healthy diet and exercise information sitting right in front of you. You won't be able to follow through with ease, without struggle, and without forcing yourself.

Additionally, if you do not have a solid, core, empowered weight loss mindset then you cannot DO the healthy actions you already know how to do!

I just asked a group of permanent weight loss coaching clients of mine this question yesterday: "Before we met did any of you need any more healthy diet and exercise information? Or, did you already know what to do, but you just could not DO it?"

Every single one of them answered, "I knew exactly what to do to live a healthy lifestyle but I could not DO it. I could not start and keep going, I could not stay consistent, it was just too hard to do back then."

Today, they are astounded at the changes in their behaviors as a result of the transformations they have achieved on the inside. They are now doing the healthy and fit lifestyle actions they always knew they were supposed to do, but now it's so easy for them that it's just "what they do"!

Just like today for you: overeating is "just what you do". It's easy, it's a pattern, and even though you wish you wouldn't do it, you still do (yes, I know how frustrated you feel about it, I used to be where you are now!).

Imagine how easy it is for you to overeat today. But what if that same ease was what you felt when living a healthy lifestyle? That's what it is like once you transform your mindset, which is 90% of achieving lasting success with your weight.

Do note however, that "positive thinking" is never enough to create a weight loss mindset. It goes much deeper than that, which means that when you follow a very specific step-by-step system that has already been proven to work for others, then very specific steps  which makes sense since we are talking about solving a problem that has been plaguing you for most of your life.

What's Next?

Now that you know that 90% of your problem is your mindset, which resides in your Inner Self, then if you are serious (and excited!) about leaving your ongoing food and weight struggles in the dust, here's your next step: Start by grabbing my FREE 5-Day E-course to discover what's REALLY been stopping you from losing weight for good (and what you can do about it!). It's Free so you want to get it while it's still available!