True Confessions: Weight Loss Expert GAINS 25 Pounds

weight gain

Find out how this weight loss expert gained 25 pounds (Hint: You might be doing this now!)

How could a weight loss expert who coaches her clients to struggle-free permanent weight loss end up gaining weight herself?

Easy! By doing the same things her clients do to themselves before working with her. Here's what I did:

I put myself last on the list and did not take time each day to care for ME. I was not taking daily action with my own proven system (The Inner Self Diet). I was not feeding my mind each day before feeding my body. 

When you don't take time each day for YOU time, when you emotionally eat, and when you don't use Inner Self Tools to release your internal struggles that sabotage you, then it's really easy to live an unhealthy lifestyle and gain weight. Even when you're the expert with the proven system to permanent weight loss!

I hesitated before sharing this publicly and then went ahead when my current clients in The Inner Self Diet told me that they liked that I was being honest about my failure to Take Action with my entire proven system, beginning to end. They understood that it's not the fault of The Inner Self Diet, it's that I wasn't DOING it! 

It's just like anything in life - you must take consistent action to get results. When you have a proven system right in front of you but you fail to act on it, then you won't get the results that system provides.

Now I am doing my own steps in The Inner Self Diet and I am releasing the self-sabotage that has stopped me from being my boldest, brightest self. Watch my video and leave me a comment to tell me if or how it inspires YOU to take action now and move beyond your emotional eating, self-sabotage and self-imposed negative limitations.

Remember: To achieve permanent success with your weight it must be an inside out process. Grab my FREE 5-day e-course here to learn more about what's really been stopping you from losing weight for good (and what you can do about it)!

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