New Year's Resolution To Lose Weight A Struggle? Do This!


Struggling with your New Year's Resolution to lose weight? Maybe you've already broken it? Read on!

So you made a New Year's Resolution to lose weight and you're already struggling to keep it? Or, maybe you already broke it.

Perhaps you made some other kind of New Year's Resolution and you're struggling with that, too! 

While the majority of New Year's Resolutions are about weight loss, it's also a fact that the majority cannot keep their resolution.

Whether that's a resolution to lose weight or a resolution to get organized, it does not matter. The reason you are struggling with any resolution you made is the same.

(NOTE: I am a permanent weight loss expert and mentor, not a get-organized-guru. Even so, the same root problem applies, which is exciting! Why? Because once you get a weight loss mindset, all other areas of your life shift, too!)

Then why is it that year after year, you end up breaking your New Year's Resolutions? Why do the gyms fill up to capacity during the first two weeks of January and then by January 15 they are "back to normal" with only the regulars in attendance?

Here's Why: It's all about your mindset. You see, mindset is ninety percent of the game of achieving permanent success with your weight. Only a lonely ten percent is skill: how to eat and exercise. (Grab my Free 5-Day E-course now to learn more!)

Yes! Only 10% of your problem is about diet and exercise! However the majority are out there desperately searching for the next new "How to Eat" diet to fix their overweight problem. But that's only 10% the solution.

Even Mary Kay knows this: In the Mary Kay business training it is stated that 90% of success with that business is your mindset and only 10% is skill. 

It's also a well-known fact by all high-achievers that skill is not the predictor of success. It's your MINDSET. Madonna is another great example!

She's never been the best voice in the world, but she has always had the mindset for success. She has always had 100% belief and confidence in herself, which (by the way) are just two of many ingredients that are present in a weight loss mindset. Full belief and full confidence in yourself (no, Madonna has not had weight issues, this is merely a great example of the power of your mindset).

So what do you do NOW though, when you know that you do not have the mindset for permanent success with your weight and you know that your New Year's Resolution isn't the answer? Well, since the solution is available but there's no magic pill for it, you can take a deep breath!

Just sit there and breath and notice exactly how many times during your lifetime you've "tried to lose weight" but have never succeeded permanently. You've never dropped the struggle.

Simply having that awareness will help you right now, since you can see that another mainstream "How to Eat" diet cannot fix your real problem: Your Mindset.

Therefore, there's no need to blame your diet, your New Year's Resolution, or yourself!  

Bottom line: Resolutions without the mindset never work, since you're attempting to force 90% of yourself to change with only 10% of the solution.

Next, after taking your deep breath you can grab my Free 5-Day E-course to answer the question even more clearly for yourself, "Is Your Mindset Fit or Fat?". It's a first step towards a struggle-free 2013!