Is Your Relationship Driving your Emotional Eating?


Do you often engage in emotional eating because of your relationship or dating woes?

Do you consider yourself to be an emotional eater?

Do you often emotionally overeat because of your feelings of anxiety and frustration about your relationship?

Or, do you feel so frustrated because you keep meeting and dating the "wrong men" and you turn to food for comfort because of this?

Well you're definitely not alone! In fact, almost all women who struggle with their weight are emotional eaters. I used to be there, too (so did my permanent weight loss coaching clients!) and the good news is that you actually can leave your emotional eating behind you, in the dust!

What would that do for you in your life? To be able to have so much inner peace and control over your own mind and emotions that you never again turned to food for comfort? I am reminded of one of my inspiring clients who said it best: she said that what she learned how to do (by me mentoring her through my step-by-step proven system, The Inner Self Diet™) was to become the one she now goes to for comfort. Where before, she would turn to food for comfort, she now turns to herself.

Wow, when you imagine having that state of empowerment within YOU, what would that be like? What if YOU were the one you could go to for comfort when your date goes bad or you have a fight with your boyfriend or husband...and be able to have all of the tools to comfort yourself to a better feeling place without using food. Would you even have a weight problem if you could end your emotional eating?

One step you can take towards that place now is to simply become aware of how often you use food for your emotions. How many times per day do you emotionally eat vs. how many times per day do you eat only for physical hunger?

Taking that one step in awareness will help you to raise your consciousness about how often you turn to food for comfort. Another step you can take towards raising your consciousness about where you're at today with food, with your weight, and with yourself is to grab my Free 5-Day E-course. It will help you answer the question, "Is Your Mindset Fit or Fat?" which is where 90% of the solution to ending your emotional eating is: Your Mindset. (Diet and exercise is only 10% of the solution for if you aren't doing the diet and exercise, that's all due to your mindset.)

Once you get a core, solid, weight loss mindset then emotional eating isn't even a thought. Imagine this: If it were as much of a struggle to emotionally eat, just like today it's very easy for you to eat for your emotions. What would that be like? For it to feel very strange to turn to food for comfort?

That's how it feels once you heal from the inside out and get a weight loss mindset. No more emotional eating and no more looking "out there" for anything to soothe your anxieties and frustrations about your relationship woes or dating experiences. Does that mean you'll never again have any problems? No, it means that a weight loss mindset gives you the tools to deal with them without sabotaging yourself and using food for comfort. (Yay!)

Learn more in my Free 5-Day E-course!