How Sandra Fluke Relates To 'The Myth Of Feminine Evil'

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A brief look into the psychology of male prejudice against women and their sexuality.

The Myth of Feminine Evil is the tile of a noteworthy volume published by H.R. Hays in 1964. This work occurs to me in the effort to explain the phenomenon of men degrading women for their sexuality. In The Myth of Feminine Evil, Hays identifies the primitive custom of banning the menstruating woman from working in the fields, lest her fecundity taint the season’s crops. It is unfortunate that a variation of this practice is seen today in some strata of Arab culture, as evidenced by the stoning of women who have had sexual congress with men outside of marriage, and the acceptance of the brothers of such women killing their sisters to remove what is considered the "blight of shame of family honor." How To Tell Him Your Sexual Fantasies [VIDEO]

This practice is also seen in the West without the physical violence. It unfortunately does convey psychological violence and is an expression of prejudice against women. Gordon Allport, a noted social psychologist wrote, "The Nature of Prejudice" in the 1960's. This seminal work observed the mechanism of prejudice to be found upon the disavowal of one’s own sexual and aggressive impulses and their projection onto an “other” who is then hated for being the perceived carrier of these impulses. These impulses are too dangerous for the psychologically weak individual to recognize as existent within himself. Many theorists have echoed Allport’s thesis, which of course can be heard in more ancient writings, such as  The Fox and the Grapes. Help For When Your Spouse Won't Go To Therapy

Sandra Fluke’s appeal to Democratic members of the House of Representatives for contraceptives to be made freely available cast her in the image of a woman who is sexually active and who takes unashamed responsibility for that. Unfortunately, more rigid and psychologically defensive people, identified her as worthy of defamation and one who should be verbally stoned. It is likely that the thinking of these people goes to the idea of "licentious sexual behavior," which given the gender non-specific power of the sexual urge, is seen as a threat to the established order of the family and society. How To Deal With An Angry Spouse

There is a primitive idea at work here which reflects the earliest time of life, when the infant bites, wants, eats ravenously, takes, and rages. It is these primitive impulses and behaviors, existent in all of us, which unfortunately in the more undeveloped examples of our species are projected onto those women who are enlightened enough to enjoy their sexuality and satisfy it in ways that are responsible to themselves and to society.

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