What I've Learned From Pole Dancing


A few months ago, I was watching the
National Pole Dancing Championships on YouTube and was inspired by the
athleticism and utter sexiness of these women. I sat there for the seven and a
half minute video with my mouth hanging open, riveted by the movements.  “How on earth do they DO that?!” I
thought.  I decided then that I had to
learn how to pole dance, somehow, some way.

Recently a new fitness studio opened near
me, and they offer pole dancing classes. 
Sign me up, right?  Little did I
know what I was getting myself into!  I’ve
learned a few things after only two classes.

The first thing is that pole dancing should
be an Olympic sport.  It rivals men’s
gymnastics for the core strength you need to do some of the lifts, and my
biceps and shoulders are already bigger from climbing the pole.

The second thing I learned is that I need
more arnica and lots of Reiki.  The
arnica (a homeopathic gel) will help reduce any of the bruising that the Reiki
doesn’t take care of.  Today’s victims
were the tops of my feet, from the pressure of clinging desperately to the pole
as I tried to work my way to the top. 
Luckily for me, when I can feel the bruise happening, Reiki does a great
job of getting rid of it within a day or two. 

The third thing I learned is that when
you’re sliding and spinning down the pole, you need just the right balance of
holding on and letting go in order to smoothly execute the move.  It’s a little like life in that respect.  If you hold on too tight you never get
anywhere, but if you let go of all control you crash into the ground.  You have to hold on loosely to really enjoy
the ride.  I haven’t mastered that one
yet, but I’m working on it.

The last thing I learned is that sexy is a
state of mind.  I’ve known this for
awhile now, but dancing has reinforced it for me.  I realized that when I’m in class, I’m usually
too worried about learning the next move to really enjoy being in my body and
moving to the music.  I get stuck in my
head about the mechanics of the whole thing, and when I look at myself in the
mirror I realize that I’m moving stiffly and mechanically.  Once I get the next move, I’m able to be more
in my body.  Then when I get home and
practice what I can, I’m much more relaxed. 
I take the time to listen to the music and really move with it.  I feel sexy, and it shows.  That state of mind makes me feel better about
my 42 year old body, regardless of what the scale says.  It makes me feel better about myself in a
“yeah, I’ve still got it” kind of way.  More
importantly, it helps me to love myself more. 
Women tend to pick on ourselves for physical imperfections, and that
gets worse as we age.  Dancing, both the
classes and the home practice, is reminding me that there is a lot to love
about being in a female form, pulsating with the creative energy inherent in

And yes, I am trying to figure out where I
could install a pole in my home.