Supernova 2010: Find Your Soulmate

Love, Self

2009 went out with a bang:  a full Blue moon, with a partial lunar eclipse, on the last night of the first decade of the 21st century (here in the U.S.).  In a nutshell, that means we were subjected to some pretty intense “letting go of the old” energy.  Did you feel it?

For the past week, the energy of 2010 has been building in intensity.  In trying to put my finger on what this energy feels like, here’s what I came up with:  it feels like a supernova.

The type of supernova I’m referring to is this:  when a giant, aging star stops creating enough energy to sustain itself in the old way, it condenses or collapses into itself and creates a black hole. Out of that black hole comes enough new energy that the former star explodes out to several hundred times its previous size, creating more energy than our Sun will emit in its entire life span. 

I have spent this first week of 2010 drawing in my energy, developing focus and clarity on how I want to share myself with my clients and in my personal life.  I’ve let go of some old ways of being, and I am ready to shine. 

As we draw into ourselves, we can turn inward and focus our energy, much like the star does when it’s creating the black hole.  Black holes tend to have a negative connotation to some, but they are powerful sources of universal energy. I invite you to use this time to draw into yourself and explore the pure essence of your nature.  What are your unique gifts?  How do you want to express them?  What would that mean for your business?  How do you want to be in relationship with your beloved?  If you’re not in a relationship, what is the energy you want to share with a new partner?

 Once we get clear on how we want to expend our energy, we can let it explode out into the universe.  From a business standpoint, many people don’t want to focus themselves so clearly that they exclude certain demographics.  However, marketing and PR experts all agree: niche marketing is the way to go. People do business with people they know and like.  We are drawn to people who are most like us.  What hobbies do you have?  How do you like to spend your free time?  Wouldn’t it be great if all your clients were interested in those things too?  This is also true for our romantic relationships. They say opposites attract, but deep down it is our similarities that draw us together.  Opposites only attract when it comes to sexual polarity.

Romantically, I’ve learned of a powerful tool that will help you focus and get clear about what’s important to you.  It’s called the Three Absolute Yes’s.  It’s adapted from the Hendricks Institute, where a friend and colleague attended coaching school. 

1.      Identify three qualities or traits that absolutely must be present in your partner.

2.      Write them down and hang them somewhere prominent where you’ll see them every day.

3.      Say NO to anyone who does not possess these three qualities.  That means stop the booty calls and the casual dating. It also means that if you’re with someone who doesn’t possess your three Absolute Yes’s, it’s time to end the relationship (unless your partner is working toward possessing and expressing them).

Once you are clear and focused on what must be present in your partner, the Universe will begin sending you people who match your request.  Usually, the first match isn’t quite right.  It will give you an opportunity to become even clearer about what you want, and it will give you the opportunity to say NO to someone who’s not a perfect match.  Once the Universe realizes that you’re serious, you’ll get what you expect.

Turn inward, gathering your energy into your core essence. Let go of what no longer serves you.  Once you’re focused, turn that brilliant energy back out into the world and watch what magnetizes to you.  In 2010, be a supernova.