Six Ways to Spice Up Your Vacation

Buzz, Love

It’s vacation time! Summer is in full swing and here in MA we’re having the warmest, sunniest summer I can remember. It got me thinking about how to make a vacation getaway with your partner even steamier.
1. Schedule a little time just for the two of you. Send the kids to grandma’s (as we did this past weekend) and the pets to the kennel. Resist the temptation to meet up with friends for at least one full day.
2. Sample the best of summer foods, and feed them to each other. Any food can be an aphrodisiac if it’s presented properly. The Thai Butter Mussels on the beach Sunday were out of this world—so good we had seconds.
3. Lube each other up… with sunscreen, of course (where did your mind go with that?!). Sunburns are definitely not sexy, but having your partner run their slippery hands all over your body is pretty hot.
4. Try to avoid places that are likely to be over-run with kids: head to the beach side bar/restaurant rather than the family style restaurant. Or if you can splurge, hit one of the fancy spots for dinner one night.
5. Spend time in nature. Filling your lungs with fresh air, your eyes with sunshine and your ears with the sounds of birds, a river or the ocean will help you reconnect to your heart and your partner.
6. Get naughty! Find a secluded spot and get adventurous. Behind a dune, a rock or even in a meadow, no reason to make love in a boring bed with all these other possibilities in front of you.