The Secret, Most Powerful Aphrodisiac

Photo: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock
a pair of couple

Associative memory is that part of the memory that helps us link things together; for example, the smell of the ocean reminds you of a great summer vacation. It helps us link stimuli to certain sexual responses as well. For example: let's say your partner took you to a romantic dinner. The food was perfect, you connected deeply, and you had mad, passionate sex on the floor of the living room when you got home. The next time you go to that restaurant, or even have the same meal at a different restaurant, your frontal lobe will trigger an associative memory and you will become sexually aroused. The strength of the association will determine how quickly and powerfully the arousal becomes. If you go to that restaurant a second time and end up in a fight, it will disassemble the original association. However, if you have another passionate love making session, the association will get stronger.

You can use this to your advantage by consciously creating associations for yourself. And, you can have lots of fun experimenting and creating stronger associations! Where's that can of whipped cream?

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