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Orgasms 101

4.  Cervical orgasms are the fourth type.  These are very rare; usually a woman’s cervix is too tender for touch to feel good.  But when sexual healing has occurred both physically and emotionally, a cervical orgasm can happen.  They are quite intense and pleasurable.

5.  Then there’s the nipple orgasm.  This is an orgasm available from any erogenous zone being stimulated.  Nipples are the most common spot, but they’re not the only one.  Basically, with enough stimulation any of these erogenous zones will create a welling up and release of energy known as an orgasm.

6.  Anal orgasms occur when the inside of the anus is stimulated.  In men, that affects the prostate, which is like the female g-spot.  In women, I don’t really know what causes it because I’ve never experienced one, but I’ll guess it’s like the nipple orgasm.

7.  Oral orgasms occur when you eat something that is so outrageously delicious that you moan and groan like Helen Hunt in “When Harry Met Sally,” only you really mean it.  For me, it happens when I eat a good flourless chocolate cake. 

8.  The eighth and final type is called a fake orgasm… these I would not recommend. J  I admit to faking an orgasm when I first met my partner.  He caught me, and I’ll never bother doing that again.  Women can have lots of fun during sex, with or without an orgasm.  Just be real!

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