Introducing... the JOY Professor


Meet the JOY Professor- teaching you how to Just Own Yourself so you can live a rich, juicy life!

I’m stepping into a bigger, more sparkly pair of big girl shoes today. For the last month I’ve been trying to figure out how to “package” my dual- and seemingly unrelated- message of love and abundance. I tried being clever and coming up with a cool acronym. I actually came up with a really cool one for peace (Personal Empowerment and Community Engagement- wouldn’t that create peace?) but couldn’t easily assign that any relevance to my work. At any rate, it’s in my back pocket in case (ha!) my work continues to expand and evolve; maybe I’ll grow into it some day.
A few days ago I decided to do this the easy way: I started meditating on it. And today, voila! Into my consciousness floated the answer: I am the JOY Professor, teaching you how to Just Own Yourself for a life of love and abundance. JOY (Just Own Yourself) is the real answer to the world, the universe, and everything. Now, if the letters in the word JOY added up to 42, I’d have really freaked myself out. (they don’t, they add up to 55. Oh well.) ;-)
Everyone wants to experience joy, and most people believe that when they’re in love, or when they have enough abundance in their life (or both), they’ll finally experience joy. That’s backwards thinking, in my book. The truth is, when you allow yourself to experience joy no matter what, love and abundance make their way into your life.
I believe the secret to experiencing unbridled joy is to Just Own Yourself. What do I mean by that? Love what is. Accept that you are a radiant expression of the Divine, just as you are right now. Even if you’re experiencing pain, sorrow, feeling misunderstood and alone, and/or thinking nobody really gets you. Start using my personal motto: “It’s all good, I don’t care what it looks like.” Look for the lesson in each experience. Own up to yourself as the co-creator of your experiences. Wake up to the fact that you are, in fact, creating every facet of your life in each moment. What you’re experiencing now is the result of your thoughts, feelings and actions (or lack of) in the past.
Take responsibility for your life by Just Owning Yourself. First, take back your power, whether you’ve given it to your lover, your mother, or your boss. There are no victims and no villains in your story. If you think there are, you’re not looking closely enough. You’re not owning up to being the creator of your experiences. If you want to know how to start taking back your power and learn how to Just Own Yourself, sign up for one of my free teleclasses here.
Second, stop looking outside yourself for joy. Stop expecting other people to make your life better. That’s your job. Expecting other people to fix you is just another way to give over your power. Take back your power, and take responsibility for your own joy. I know, this sounds just like the first step. It is, but it’s an intricate process with many layers, so it bears repeating.
Third, lighten up! Stop taking yourself so seriously. You’re allowed to make mistakes. In fact, I encourage making as many mistakes as possible, with one caveat. When you make a mistake, learn the lesson. There’s nothing worse than making the same mistake over and over (believe me, I know!). In fact, that’s the very definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results. So laugh a lot, don’t be afraid to look silly, try new things whenever possible. Trust me, this last sentence holds a world of wisdom. Follow just that- laugh a lot, don’t be afraid to look silly, and try new things- and you’ll immediately begin to experience more joy. Try it, you might like it!

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