The Reasons Why Older Men Want Younger Women -Part 1

I think this is a foolish way to look at women and relationships but to deny that there is a large percentage of men who think this way would be stupid on my part.

If you were to put yourself in the position of some of these men it becomes easier to see why they think like they do. Now, I'm not condoning in any way what they do, but I'm just trying to shine some light on why they do it.

Personally, I never got this approach. Even when I was in my 30's and my single friends were chasing around the girls in their early 20's. I never understood what someone who has lived for much longer could have in common with someone who was much younger (other than the obvious!).

As we grow older we experience so much more of life, how is it possible to connect w/someone when you're at different stages in life.

Now, I understand that every rule has an exception and I personally know some May-December relationships which are very successful, but for the most part if a man pursues a younger woman it's because of one of the two above reasons

It is my belief that the older men are not seeking younger women as much as they are trying to avoid going back down the path into relationship hell.

In fact, that is something I hear from many older single men. They state that they did the marriage thing, and they got burned. It wasn't what they wanted and it turned out to be a very bad experience.

They look back over their relationship and marriage as if it was open heart surgery without anesthesia. So, in their minds why would they want to do it again?

What's interesting is the majority of these men admit that they don't like being single and if they could find one woman to share their life with they would. But this woman would have to be special. She would have to trust him, be drama free, and she wouldn't have to get mad at him if he was watching sports.

I noticed that there was a central theme which connected these desires. The desire to avoid pain.

If you could show a man that you are a woman who wouldn’t make his relationship one of stress, drama and pain and that his life would be better with you in it many of these men admit that they would trade in their bachelorhood in a second.

The problem with many of these guys is that they don't think it exists.

The good news is if you show an older guys it is possible and you are not like most women of the women he has been involved with than he will be more open to making a commitment, even to woman who is his age.

Want to know how to do that? Stay tuned for Part II of this article where I'll show you how.

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