The Reasons Why Older Men Want Younger Women - Part 2


Part two of this series identifies the best way for an older woman to attract a man her age

It doesn't make a differnce how old a guy is, if you let him know that he is taking care of his woman (in and out of the bedroom) he will want to be around that woman for a long time , regardless of age.

For a man it's not so much about the age as it is about how he feels about himself.

If you can show a guy that his life will be better and happier with you in it, it won't make a differnce if you are ten years younger or ten years older because at the end of the day he has one objective...to be happy and feel good about himself

If you can help a man, even an older guy, feel better about himself he will  want to keep you in his life for a long time, regardless of your age.


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