A Lesson In Love From Kat Von D. & Jesse James


Kat Von D. and Jesse James called off their engagement again. Is anyone surprised?

Newsflash. Kat Von D. has called off her engagement to Jesse James … AGAIN!

Wow. I am so surprised. I can't imagine why getting engaged to a man who is a known adulterer who lives halfway across the country didn't lead to a trip down the aisle. I'm as surprised by this as I am that President Obama didn't fix the healthcare problem in our country. You see, if you pay attention in life, you will find it easy to see the patterns. When it comes to our government, most politicians tell people what they want to hear but once they get into office all the excuses and finger pointing is used as a smokescreen to explain why they didn't get the job done.

And when it comes to finding love many women think that things will be different for them when it comes to getting involved with a guy who isn’t well suited for a relationship.

After Kat Von D. broke off her engagement with Jesse James the first time and decided to get back with him I wrote an article saying she was insane. 

I think any woman who gets involved with a guy who is a known cheater is asking for trouble. But getting engaged to this type of guy, calling it off and going back for more is like getting mad an alligator when it bites your arm off when you feed it a snack.

I admit, I’ve never met Kat Von. D. or Jesse James, but I don’t have to. Unfortunately this story is far too common.

Girl meets guy, jumps into relationship too soon and gets emotionally attached. Girl realizes she is involved with a guy who is not making her happy. Girl rationalizes and makes excuses for why she’s unhappy and why it’s ok for the guy to treat her like crap. Girl continues to stay in an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship.

Then one day, realizing she’s reached the boiling point she gets fed up and leaves. But after a few days, weeks or months she realizes how lonely she is and goes crawling back to the same guy, the guy who made her unhappy . She then spends a really long time with a guy who makes her miserable while telling herself she can’t leave because she “loves him.”

Does this story sound familiar? If I had a nickel for every time I heard a version of this story I’d be having lunch with Donald Trump regularly.

Unfortuantely this story doesn't happen to just women. I am embarrassed to admit it also happened to me.

The only reason this story is too common is because when it comes to finding love many of us have a habit of thinking more with our emotions than we do with our heads.

I can prove it. When asked why she called off her engagement the second time Kat Von D. said, “it was clear to me that we were just on two different paths in life."

Really? It took two engagements for you to figure out that you weren’t on the same page? Isn’t that the purpose of dating? By the time you get engaged you should be pretty clear as to whether or not you are on the same page

And herein, lies one of the major problems in dating for many single women. They don’t keep their eyes and ears open and screen men properly.

You see Helen Keller could have seen that Jesse James was not marriage material. Why is it that it took Kat Von D. couldn’t see what was obvious to the rest of the world?

In another one of her interviews Kat explained that the distance became a problem. She lives in LA and Jesse, his kids and his business were in Texas.

So, if she knew he had all of these ties to Texas and she wasn’t prepared to move there ….why did she even bother getting involved with him in the first place?

Look, regardless of the fact that the man is a known cheater who has no problem having multiple affairs on his wife, there were numerous red flags which were indicating that this union was not going to lead to happily ever after.

If Kat was being honest with herself and was thinking with her brain, not just her emotions, she would have never put herself in this position twice.

No matter what Jesse told her and no matter what he promised her, all of the drama and heartache she is now experiencing could have been avoided.

Kat Von D. is the perfect example of how your emotions can often cloud your judgment. It is by far the biggest mistake I see single women making in their love lives.

Someone once told me, “ A smart person learns from their mistakes… an intelligent person learns from the mistakes of others…. and a fool never learns, they keep repeating their mistakes.”

Based on the past few months I’d say Kat Von D. is a fool. Wouldn’t you?

If you find that when it comes to the men you get involved with your emotions often cloud your judgment and cuase you to make some poor decsions I invite you to pick up a copy of my free e-book: The ABC's of Smarter Dating: 26 Tips & Strategies to Immediately IMprove Your Love Life. To receive your free copy click here.

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