How To Recognize A Boy From A Man: A Lesson In Love From Gene Sim


Gene Simmons, the stereotypical male pig, marries his girlfriend after being with her for 28 years.

Guys Suck! They only care about Sex. They don't know how to treat a woman.

If you’ve been single more than a week and dated more than one guy in your life I'd bet my life that you have used one or more of these statements at some time.

And you know, you may be right. Because there are some men out there who can’t commit, who only are interested in women for what is between their legs and who will cheat on women at the drop of the hat.

But I want you to know that any guy who subscribes to these theories and who doesn’t respect a woman and treat her with the love, respect and dignity she deserves, is not a man, he is a boy.

Just like my 3 year old son wants what he wants and could care less about the ramifications of his choices, many of these grown up guys act the same way.

It’s ok for my 3 year old son to act that way. He doesn’t get it yet. But I promise you he will, because that is my role as his father. To teach him that his choices often have consequences on himself and others.

For years Gene Simmons, the fire breathing, blood spitting demon from the rock group KISS was the poster child for the “Boys”, the alpha males who never grew up.

These are the guys women tend to reference when they complain about guys and their ability to love and respect women.

When it came to the boys Gene Simmons was the Poster Child.

He was the epitome of everything that was wrong with this group of guys.
But what’s fascinating is that, at the age of 62, Gene Simmons has seen the light. He has finally made the metamorphosis from boy to MAN.

I guess the old dog can learn new tricks after all.

It took 28 years of womanizing, deceiving his mate and looking into the twilight of his life realizing that he was going to be alone to make this boy notice that he was wrong.

He realized that he had to grow up and become a MAN and to do he had admit to the world that everything he had been preaching for 28 years...all of the machismo and bravado which had been spewing from his mouth and world famous tongue was nothing more than a bunch of crap.

It was quite big piece of humble pie for Mr. Simmons to eat.

Imagine if for 28 years you traveled around the world, were featured in every major newspaper and magazine and had thousands of men looking up to you as if you were some kind of god because of the lifestyle you were living and the message you were representing to them.

Imagine what it would be like to go back to those people and say “You know what I was wrong”. “All of this stuff I was preaching means nothing. It is all empty and meaningless. One of the greatest things in the world is for man to love his woman and to share his life with her. And Marriage is a great thing.”

I had always admired Gene for his intelligence and his business acumen. He is the son of a Nazi Germany holocaust survivor who came to America with his mom, a suitcase and a smile.

He went on to create massive fame and fortune. He took the opportunities this country gave him and he ran with them.

But when it came to his outlook and treatment of women I couldn’t find someone that I totally disagreed with more.

I personally know that Simmons is one of the most stubborn, ego driven and self-righteous humans walking the planet. At least he used to be.

Because along the way he finally saw the light. He became a man.

During one of the episodes of his TV show, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, he revealed the secret to his epiphany. It’s something that not too many men will admit, especially on national television.

He admitted that the reason he put on this act. The reason he ran around the globe being the hedonistic rock star is because he was selfish and immature.

Ironically, the demon had to face his own demons.

And to his credit he did.

He realized that no matter how much money and fame he had, no matter how many women he slept with he would never experience true inner peace and happiness unless he had someone special to share his life with.

It wasn’t someone to share his house, it was someone to share his heart with.

It was at the moment that he realized this that he actually grew up and became a MAN.

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