Dating Advice For Women: 4 Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship


This article provides the 4 signs of an unhealthy relationship

Reason #1: False Hope- In this scenario a woman whoso desperately wants to be in a get married ignores the red flags and behaviors of a man. A woman leads herself into a false sense of reality by telling herself (and others) that things will get better or that her man will change once they are married. This false hope is not based on the woman's reality but is based on her desire to have the man and relationship she desires. She would rather ignore what she sees and hears and hope for a brighter future than face the truth of her situation.

Reason #2: Security- Many women will enter a marriage with the belief that once the man says "I DO" she will feel safe & secure. Knowing that she has a man by her side for "as long as they both may live" is supposed to give her comfort and confidence for her future. Unfortunately once the honeymoon period is over the woman often realizes that she doesn't have the happiness and security you had hoped for.  Seeing that the marriage does not make her feel any better the feelings of unhappiness and insecurity often intensify

Reason #3: Escape; Many women use marriage as an escape from their unhappiness or from a bad situation. In this instance marriage and the relationship acts like a drug. It may provide for some temporary happiness and it may take the woman's mind off her problems but ultimately she will discover that the marriage isn't the answer she thought it was. Once the emotional "high" wears off and she comes back to her reality she realizes that the marriage and relationship didn't solve her problems and in fact complicated them.

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