Why Your Online Dating Profile Doesn't Work

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Mistake #1: Wrong Picture

Research shows that in online dating, most men literally decide within 15 seconds if they find a woman interesting and if they want to pursue her. The first thing a guy looks at is the picture. Now, contrary to popular belief, not all men are looking for the picture of a supermodel. "The Greatest Love Of All"

In fact, those guys who are looking for a relationship are simply seeing if they find the woman attractive. As long as the guy thinks the woman is attractive, he will proceed. If however, the picture sends a mixed message or makes the guy believe the woman is hiding something or not truly representing herself, he will move on to the next profile immediately.

It is also important to understand that the message you intend to send out is often different than the interpretation of the guy who is looking at your picture. You may think posting a picture with a seductive look on your face or showing major cleavage is sexy, but the guy who is looking at your picture is probably interpreting it differently. 3 Tips For Online Dating Beginners

Mistake #2: Wrong Headline

It is essential to understand the importance of a good headline on your profile. Since a guy is usually reading dozens of profiles at a time, you only have a few seconds to grab his attention. Just like in newspapers and magazines, the headlines are meant to grab a person's attention and make them want to know more. If you write a headline that makes the guy silently say to himself, "Hmm, that's interesting, that makes me want to know more" or "That's what I'm looking for," you have a greater chance of grabbing his attention and making him want to read the rest of your profile.

The best way to create a great and magnetic profile is to design your headline as a question which addresses his biggest frustration and problems. To see some examples of good headlines simply pick up a Cosmo Magazine and notice the headlines on the cover. These companies spend millions on marketing and understanding what catches a person's attention and causes them to take action. So, why not borrow their tactics and make them work for you? Why Smart Women Make The Dumbest Mistakes When It Comes To Love

Mistake #3: Wrong Intention

 The biggest mistake I see people make in writing their profiles is that they write them as if they are trying to "sell" themselves. A well written profile does not sell, but instead makes the guy want to "buy." This subtle shift makes a huge difference in how attractive a profile becomes to a guy. Think about it ... 

Does the guy really care that you like the beach, love your dog, and love to go to the movies and curl up on the couch? No! What he cares about is how you are going to make him happy and make his life better. If you write your profile in a way that makes him think that you both are on the same page, and that he will be happy, and his life will be better with you, you have a much greater chance of making that guy reach out and contact you. How To Let Your Guard Down Without Getting Hurt

You must remember your profile isn't about you. It's about him! When you write your profile, write it as if you are trying to get the attention of the specific guy you are looking for. If you write your profile with this intention, you will increase the quality of the types of guys who are interested in you, and when you start attracting a better quality of men, your attitude and experience quickly begins to change for the better.

If you are currently using online dating and have been frustrated with the results (or lack there of) you might want to look over your profile and see if you are making any of these common mistakes. If you are, simply see what changes you can make, and then go make them. I am confident that if you do, you will see that online dating, if done right, can be a great source of dating. Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Love Life?

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