The Ricki Lake Show and 3 Promises


Hear my story on The Ricki Lake Show May 7th "Suddenly Single and Pregnant"

November 11th 2008 was the day I died with my 37 year old husband who was accidently killed by a local block prior to a routine shoulder surgery.  I was 15 weeks pregnant with our third child and left completely striped and naked of everything I once knew. 

Out of body, I looked down at my lifeless body holding my pregnant belly and I felt a love that I had never known before.  In that instant, I made a deicision to live and to love in a way that I never knew love before. 

I made two other promises that I share tomorrow on The Ricki Lake Show.  I want every woman to see the opportunity to live and love her best life yet if she desires to live in her Sexy Soul.  Sexy is feeling alive in the naked of who you are in this moment, seeing her, feeling her, and loving the holy mess out of her while courgeosly moving to where she's going next.

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